Turbulence [ˈtəːbjʊl(ə)ns]: irregular atmospheric motion especially when characterized by up-and-down currents. Jenny Graham and Sara Dudman RWA have acquired a fascination with the tidal rhythms, wave force and erosion of the North Yorkshire coast since their first painting residency in Staithes in 2016. As two ‘turbulants’, Jenny and Sara’s works in this show are not topographic, but rather an external expression of their internal responses to the coast. Their experience of being in Staithes has guided them through a unique avenue of research and creation.
This exhibition reveals new, evolutionary practice for both artists, comprising paintings, drawings and works using found or lost imagery.

Our stay in Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast in May/ June 2016 coincided with fledging time for the kittiwake colony nesting in their thousands on the precarious cliff-faces. The fascination with the noise and activity of the birds in Staithes and also up the coast on the Farne Islands, was a key influence in the development of the larger works in this exhibition. They endeavour to balance the seemingly fragile and chaotic motion and transience of the birds against the apparent permanence of the cliffs and rocks. A chance encounter with geological researchers on Staithes shore provided excellent insights to the regional geology and environmental challenges.

‘Turbulence’, Staithes Studio Galleries, Yorkshire, 2018


Sara Dudman