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About Me

My practice is primarily painting and drawing based, often incorporating video as a source. I am predominantly concerned with human interactions and interventions in the environment. My work is located within the tradition of landscape, with references to historical and contemporary concerns of painting, mark-making and gesture. I begin with spending time with my subject, collecting and interpreting visual information using a combination of video and traditional recording methods. Small-scale and intimate or monumental and timeless, my gestural works are created in layers, alternately recording and expressing the substance and essence of the subject and its environment.

The uncompromising painterly or drawn marks which characterise the surface of each piece establish the critical context of the works; the subject and content operate within the vocabulary of gestures and marks. The paintings and drawings evolve through a dialogue between me and the work in equal balance. The interaction between my processes and the inherent ‘presence’ in each work are paramount, yet it is fundamentally my desire to test the boundaries of the potential of painting and drawing which drives me.

I practice individually as an artist and also work in collaboration with fellow artist Debbie Locke RWA, exploring the interface of intuitive hand-made marks and machine-drawn mapped lines, currently working in partnership with a Blackdown Hills farmer and his sheep. My practice is process-led and my work in art education is closely linked to my own painting and drawing, creating opportunities for dialogue and development of working practices in connection with others.

I live and work in Somerset.


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